For 2022, the budget of transfers to the regions and village funds is planned at Rp770.4 trillion
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) proposed a budget of Rp770.4 trillion for transfers to regions and village funds for 2022 in his state budget speech on Monday.

"For 2022, the budget of transfers to the regions and village funds is planned at Rp770.4 trillion," President Joko Widodo said in his speech, delivered at the Parliamentary Complex in Jakarta.

The budget will focus on improving the quality of regional expenditure to speed up welfare improvement and equality achievement and continuing the implementation of policies on the use of the General Transfer Fund to improve the quality of public infrastructure in the regions, recover the economy in the regions, develop human resources in the education sector, and increase spending priorities in the health sector, he informed.

Furthermore, the government will also seek more efficient use of the Special Transfer Fund through disbursement of the contract-based Special Allocation Fund for Infrastructure and Operational Special Allocation Fund to improve output and outcome achievements and to support service quality improvement, he said.

It will also continue to strengthen budget planning synergy through greater budget harmonization among ministries/institutions and the Transfer to the Regions and Village Funds, he added.

Furthermore, it will prioritize the use of village funds to recover villages’ economy through social protection programs and COVID-19 handling measures as well as to support priority sectors, he said.

"The government will also continue to strengthen quality control on the Transfer to the Regions and Village Funds to improve and equalize access to public services throughout Indonesia as well as to ensure national priority programs implemented by the regional governments run in an efficient, effective, transparent, and just manner," the President informed.

A better targeting of policies for the management of the Special Autonomy Fund for Papua and West Papua provinces has also been undertaken, he added.

He said that the issuance of Law Number 2 of 2021 has laid the groundwork for the better management of the Special Autonomy Fund.

The extension of the Special Autonomy Funds and the 2.25-percent increase in the National General Allocation Fund ceiling will be combined with the improvement and better targeting of policies on allocation, disbursement, and management schemes of Special Autonomy Fund, he added.

"These efforts are expected to bring significant impacts to the improvement of the welfare of the Papuan people," the President remarked.

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