Batusangkar, West Sumatera (ANTARA) - The Tanah Datar District Government in West Sumatra Province shas launched a COVID-19 vaccination program for pregnant women since they belong to vulnerable groups of those contracting the coronavirus.

This year alone, 94 of 1,611 pregnant women taking COVID-19 swab tests contracted the coronavirus, and one succumbed to the disease, Head of the Tanah Datar Health Office Yesrita stated in Batusangkar on Friday.

Yesrita urged pregnant women not to be scared of getting vaccinated, as they would be examined by healthcare workers prior to the vaccination, and the vaccines being administered also met the safety standards and had cleared several stringent tests.

"In future, the government will administer COVID-19 vaccines to around 1,750 pregnant women in 23 public health centers throughout Tanah Datar," the office head remarked.

Yesrita noted that the vaccination policy for pregnant women was also regulated in the Health Ministry's circular of HK.02.01/I/2007/2021 on COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women and adjustments to screening in the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination.

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The first vaccine will be given to women who are 13 - 33 weeks pregnant.

Meanwhile, Tanah Datar District Head Eka Putra said his administration continues to help local residents, including pregnant women, stay healthy by urging them to keep complying with health protocols and join the government's vaccination programs.

"Pregnant women belong to groups of people susceptible to contracting COVID-19,"he said, adding that the Health Ministry's circular has also instructed pregnant women to get vaccinated.

Putra said they hopefully participate in the vaccination program owing to their own will and awareness so that they would become a good example for other pregnant women who also need to get inoculated.

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Translator: Laila Syafarud, Mecca Yumna
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