Jakarta (ANTARA) - A proper Islamic da'wah would propagate the substance of the Islamic faith instead of just the symbols, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Mahfud MD said during an interfaith dialogue with South Sulawesi's religious figures.

In a written statement received in Jakarta, Minister Mahfud MD said the substance of the Islamic faith is peace, modesty, truth, and humanity.

"A good Islamic da'wah is to propagate brotherhood, peace, modesty, and honesty," Mahfud said in response to questions about fundamentalist groups attempting to establish an Islamic state in Indonesia by utilizing da'wah to propagate their views.

The core of Islamic values was accommodated as the basis of Indonesian nation-building, he emphasized.

"We did not declare ourselves as an 'Islamic state', but Islamic values are entrenched in the basis of our nation-building. Islam is a religion of peace for all humans, regardless of religion, who are united in brotherhood," Mahfud told religious figures during the dialogue.

Meanwhile, speaking at the same event, Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas urged religious leaders to be vigilant against extremist groups with sinister intentions to divide the society into factions and emphasized the importance of the national ideology Pancasila for uniting the people.

"The core tenets of Pancasila are final and irreplaceable with other ideologies. Pancasila is our common covenant to live in harmony in Indonesia. Pancasila is sufficient for us to live in peace and harmony despite our religious differences," the minister said.

Radical views espoused by extremist groups are damaging to the unity of and peace among Indonesians, he added.

"It is our obligation to preserve Indonesia as our predecessors have done in the past. It is an insult to our predecessors if we neglect our duty to preserve the country," Qoumas said.

The interfaith, virtual dialogue between the ministry and the religious figures is one effort to maintain national stability and unity, particularly among religious leaders, he added. (

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