Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Transportation Ministry helped organize mass vaccinations in Purworejo district, Central Java on Saturday, with Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi reviewing the program, which targeted three thousand people, including residents, drivers, and students.

"As Mr. President has instructed that ministries and agencies must help with mass vaccination programs. Our support of mass vaccinations in several regions has seen some 250 thousand people getting vaccinated. With mass vaccinations in Purworejo, it is expected that it would cover more (people) in Purworejo, thus herd immunity is achieved," Sumadi said in a statement received here on Saturday.

For organizing the vaccination program, the Transportation Ministry worked with other stakeholders such as the national defense force, police force, Central Java government, and state-owned enterprises, he informed.

Mass vaccination programs were also hosted in several other locations such as 10 Purworejo district public health centers, 0708 Purworejo District Military Command, and schools, the minister said.

"With more and more people taking vaccines, it is expected that herd immunity against COVID-19 will be formed, which is expected to immediately restore and drive economic activity and community activities will return to normal towards Advanced Indonesia," he remarked.

Meanwhile, deputy head of Purworejo district, Yuli Hastuti, welcomed the vaccination activities.

She deemed the collaboration between the central, regional government, national defense force, police force, and all stakeholders important for immediately arresting COVID-19 spread in Purworejo district.

House of Representatives member, Sujadi, who was also present at the event, expressed his appreciation for the program and the opportunity for helping organize it. He said he expected Purworejo district to soon be free of COVID-19.

The Transportation Ministry along with Jasa Raharja and Pertamina provided 500 'Devotion for the Country' assistance packages to representatives of the vaccine recipients -- online motorcycle taxi drivers, public transportation drivers, and traders. In addition, they symbolically provided helmets to representatives of teachers and students.

Furthermore, to support the Nusantara Fruit program, the Nusantara Fruit Package was symbolically given to healthcare workers on duty.

The Transportation Ministry also reviewed the restoration of Syech Baidlowi Santren Mosque, Purworejo district. The restoration project involved residents living in and around the district, the ministry informed.

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