Our current stocks are sufficient for the national supply chain and price stabilization, as well for disaster response
Jakarta (ANTARA) - State Logistics Agency (Bulog) President Director Budi Waseso reported the national availability of rice stocks at 1.16 million tons as of August 27, deemed sufficient for the national supply chain, price stabilization, and disaster preparedness.

"The government’s rice stocks reach 1.145 million tons, while rice stocks for commercial purposes touch 14 thousand tons. Our current stocks are sufficient for the national supply chain and price stabilization, as well for disaster response," Waseso remarked during a hearing with Commission IV of the House of Representatives (DPR RI) here, Monday.

Waseso noted that Bulog had procured 908 tons of new rice stocks purchased from the local farmers, and the company had distributed a total of 305 thousand tons of rice as of August 27.

The distribution of 305 thousand tons of rice for multiple purposes comprised 245 thousand tons of rice disbursed for supply chain and price stabilization purposes, four thousand tons for disaster response, and 55 thousand tons for civil servants, military and police personnel, he explained.

"Bulog successfully completed the task of distributing 288 thousand tons of rice for eligible recipients affected by the activities restriction enforcement (PPKM) on time. We also distributed 4,207 tons of rice for disaster response purposes this year," he noted.

At the hearing meeting, Waseso also reported Bulog’s plan for rice procurement and distribution in 2022. Rice procurement in 2022 is expected to reach 1.25 million tons, while rice distribution is projected at 1.21 million tons, with remaining stocks for the year are estimated at 1.039 million tons, he stated.

Waseso spoke of having discussed with the Bulog about importing rice if requested by the government, yet he would prioritize procurement from domestic farmers to empower the local farming community and prevent a price fall at the farmers’ level.

At the hearing meeting, apart from rice stocks, Waseso also reported the current stock availability of other basic food commodities under Bulog's control at 10,256 tons of sugar, 686 tons of buffalo meat, 61 tons of eggs, 246 tons of flour, and 1,325 kiloliters of cooking oil.

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