Surabaya (ANTARA) - Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi informed that active COVID-19 cases in the city have continued to decline with most villages in the city placed under Level 1 community activity restrictions.

"Thank God. Today, all villages in this area, none of them (is under) Level 4 (community activity restrictions). There are some on Level 3, and others are on Level 2 and Level 1," the mayor said in Surabaya City Hall yard on Tuesday.

Cahyadi expressed his gratitude, saying 154 villages in Surabaya were no longer under Level 4 community activities restrictions. The data was based on area-based community activity restrictions indicators as of August 29, 2021, he informed.

As per an analysis of the indicators, community activity restrictions in 29 sub-districts and 124 villages of Surabaya have been downgraded from Level 4. Currently, 89 villages are under Level 1, 49 villages under Level 2, and 16 villages are under Level 3 restrictions.

The mayor said that even though none of the areas were under Level 4 restrictions, he would continue efforts to suppress COVID-19 transmission. Furthermore, he said that his administration aimed to downgrade the restriction policy level to 2, even 1, in just a week.

"God willing, we will fight hard this week (to downgrade the restriction policy) to Level 2. Why? The city government is embarrassed if we can't move towards (the goal of being) Level 2 and level L," Cahyadi remarked.

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He urged the public and stakeholders in Surabaya to work together to suppress COVID-19 transmission. Cooperation and empathy are key to stem the spread of COVID-19, he said.

He said that the efforts to suppress the cases in Surabaya could be made by doing some things, such as following health protocols with disciplined approach, as well as changing lifestyles for the better.

"Indeed, (we) are not used to wearing masks. But, it is (one of the) ways to maximize COVID-19 transmission suppression," the mayor added.

He also said that the acceleration of vaccinations was also a preventive measure for stemming virus transmission. If there is someone who is sick, it is possible to immediately evacuate them to prevent transmission in the family, he added.

"Who can do this? Yes, the citizens themselves. It's not the government. We are only carrying out the mandate from the people. We are only servants," he said.

The indicator for the calculation of the restriction level implemented is based on the number of active cumulative cases per 100 thousand population. Level 1 restrictions will be implemented in areas with less than 20 active cases per 100 thousand population, Level 2 restrictions in areas with 20-50 active cases, Level 3 restrictions in areas with 50-150 active cases, and Level 4 restrictions in areas where active cases exceed 150.

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