Guarantees a more hygienic customer journey, Gojek Prepares GoRide and GoCar Protect+

Guarantees a more hygienic customer journey, Gojek Prepares GoRide and GoCar Protect+


Jakarta (ANTARA) - Gojek continues to be a pioneer and is always at the forefront in providing the safest and most hygienic services in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only implementing the most complete protocols with the highest standards since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Gojek also encourages vaccinations for hundreds of thousands of driver-partners through a special vaccination post for driver-partners. This effort is welcomed and almost all driver-partners feel that Gojek cares about the health of partners.1 Now, Gojek's commitment is strengthened by GoRide and GoCar Protect+ innovations which will soon be implemented for customers and driver-partners at the end of September.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Gojek has continued to present #ProteksiEkstra which is focused on three main pillars. First, the Education Pillar through a series of meet-ups to invite partners to be more obedient to health protocols and carry out vaccinations. Furthermore, the Technology Pillar provides various features such as a health protocol checklist in the customer and driver-partner applications, the Selfie Mask Verification feature in the driver-partner application, and partner vaccination status which can be seen in the customer application. Lastly, the Infrastructure Pillar includes protective bulkhead facilities in the GoCar and GoRide fleets, as well as the installation of air purifiers in thousands of GoCar fleets in Greater Jakarta. GoRide and GoCar Protect+ innovations will strengthen the Infrastructure pillar of Gojek's #ProteksiEkstra.

Amanda Parikesit as Gojek's Global Head of Marketing said, "Transportation services are one of the most essential services to support the mobility of people who are active outside the home. We are committed to continuing bringing new innovations, supporting productivity, and reducing people's anxiety when they have to travel."

Amanda continued, her party has educated millions of driver-partners about the importance of increasing compliance with health protocols while on the move as well as fighting the pandemic together with carrying out vaccinations. In addition, Gojek has also distributed hundreds of thousands of protective barriers for GoCar and GoRide driver-partners.

“We present GoRide and GoCar Protect+ as an effort to improve safety and hygiene during travel. This service that is immediately accessible to customers provides a definite guarantee for customers who want to use all of the highest standard, most hygienic, and safest Gojek Extra Protection equipment in the industry2," continued Amanda.

Protect+ is also an opportunity for driver-partners to earn additional income. The average increase in driver partner income from this service can reach up to 10% in each order.

The GoCar Protect+ service not only ensures that 100% of the driver-partners on duty have undergone COVID-19 vaccination, but also checks body temperature regularly, regularly disinfects vehicles, ensures that vehicles are equipped with protective bulkheads, and provides a Sharp air purifier in vehicles that effectively disables 91, 3% airborne COVID-19 in 30 seconds . After previously launching as many as 8,000 units in Jabodetabek, now the installation of air purifiers will be expanded to major cities throughout Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the GoRide Protect+ service will also ensure that 100% of driver-partners have undergone vaccinations, check driver partners' body temperatures, periodically disinfect vehicles, ensure the availability of protective bulkheads and provide helmet glass extension facilities for driver-partners to further protect driver-partners and customers.

dr. Reisa Broto Asmoro as a loyal customer of Gojek's transportation service, who is also an Ambassador for the Adaptation of New Habits, said, "I appreciate Gojek's continuous efforts to improve the safety and hygiene of its services. Hopefully, the strict protocol standards can inspire all parties to continue to be vigilant and not relax health protocols in the slightest. One thing the whole community should know: vaccinations and health protocols are two things that must be carried out simultaneously, and are not an option.”

GoRide and GoCar Protect+ will soon be available for customers in Jabodetabek, before being gradually available in other big cities. To be able to use this service, customers must update the Gojek application to the latest version.

Customers can also take advantage of the promo code GOJEKHEMAT to get a total discount on travel prices of up to Rp. 135,000.

1 Based on an internal survey of more than 50,000 driver partners regarding satisfaction with the Gojek vaccination post.

2 Based on the research results of the School of Business and Management, Bandung Institute of Technology (SBM ITB) in 2020 which compared the health protocol policies of 12 similar players in 10 countries in providing more security for driver partners and customers.