Our core zone is limited to human activities because the core zone is only for research as it has high biodiversity.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta administration has optimized the role of fishing and community groups to maintain and protect ecosystems in six Marine Protected Areas in Seribu Islands amid Level 3 Public Activities Restrictions (PPKM), an official said.

"Fishers and the communities are aware and care about the environment," head of the sea coastal and small islands utilization department at Jakarta's Food Security, Marine and Agriculture Office (KPKP), Cindewiyani, said during a discussion here on Friday.

Eleven of the total 113 islands in Seribu Islands District are residential, she added.

Six of the 11 residential islands have been designated as Marine Protected Areas (DPL), where locals, consisting of fishers as community-based DPL groups (DPLBM), will participate in maintaining the island ecosystem, the official said.

The six DPLs are Pari Island, Tidung Island, Payung Island, Pramuka Island, Harapan Island, and Kelapa Island, she informed.

During PPKM, Cindewiyani said she and her team have routinely conducted coaching for DPLBM, which has included transfer of knowledge between the groups.

One of the topics on which knowledge has been shared is coral reef conservation, she disclosed.

Considering that the PPKM has had an impact on incomes of fishers in the six DPLs, she said her team has coordinated with several companies utilizing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds for projects around Kepulauan Seribu.

The incomes of travel agents and DPLBM have also been affected by limited tourist arrivals, she added.

"Jakarta is a city of collaboration, so we are collaborating with CSR, SOEs, regional-owned enterprises, and private companies," Cindewiyani said.

In the six DPLs, there are three zones where community activities have been restricted, including marine tourism, she informed.

The zones, she pointed out, are the core zone for marine conservation, the buffer zone, and the utilization zone.

"Our core zone is limited to human activities because the core zone is only for research as it has high biodiversity," she added.

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