Security officers exchange fire with Papua terror group; no casualties

Security officers exchange fire with Papua terror group; no casualties

Kristina Sampe Tonapa, a healthcare worker who survived a terror group's attack in Kiwirok on September 13, 2021, receives medical treatment at a Jayapura hospital, Papua on September 19, 2021.  

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - Personnel from the Indonesian police (Polri) and military (TNI) exchanged fire with members of a terror group in Kiwirok, Pegunungan Bintang district, Papua province on Monday.

"That's right there was a shootout in Kiwirok, but there was no casualty from the TNI and Polri side," chief of the Pegunungan Bintang Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Cahyo Sukarnito, told ANTARA here on Monday.

He said the security officers exchanged fire with members of the Lamek Taplo-led group, which has, since Monday (September 13, 2021), carried out shootings and attacks on civilians, mostly healthcare workers, in Kiwirok.

Gabriela Meilan, a 22-year-old nurse, was killed in the September 13 attack. Her body was found in a ravine where she and three other colleagues had reportedly tried to hide. They were reportedly chased and finally captured by members of the armed group.

Meilan's body was evacuated on Friday (September 17, 2021) afternoon and was later laid in a state at the house of a member of the Kuwirok military, Sukamto informed.

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Out of the nine healthcare workers who survived the September 13 attack and were evacuated from Kiwirok, four are undergoing treatment for their injuries at Marthen Indey Hospital in the capital of Papua.

The injured healthcare workers have been identified as Dr. Restu Pamanggi, Katrianti Tandila, Emanuel Abi, and Kristina Sampe Tonapa.

On Monday morning (September 13, 2021), several members of the separatist terrorist group torched several public facilities, including a community health center, and doctors' homes in Kiwirok, officials said.

Meilan died after she and two other colleagues were tortured, stripped, and pushed deeper into the ravine by terrorists, an eye-witness who survived the attack told police.

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