Papua: IDI condemns terror attack on health workers

Papua: IDI condemns terror attack on health workers

To pay their last respects to a medical worker who died in a terror attack earlier in the week, activists of the IDI-Papua Chapter and around 250 paramedics staged a peaceful rally in Oksibil, the capital of Pegunungan Bintang district on Thursday (September 16, 2021). (ANTARA/HO-Humas IDI)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Medical Association (IDI)-Papua chapter has condemned an attack carried out by Papuan separatist terrorists on healthcare workers in Kiwirok sub-district, Pegunungan Bintang district earlier this week.


The association has appealed to the Papua administration and the Indonesian Military (TNI) and National Police (Polri) to guarantee the security and safety of all healthcare workers across the province.


The guarantee is a must to ensure the sustainability of medical and healthcare services for Papuan communities all over the province, IDI-Papua Chapter chairperson Donald Aronggear said in a statement that ANTARA received here Friday.


The organization urged the Papua administration to coordinate with regional governments as well as religious, customary, and community leaders regarding the safety of all health workers in Papua.


On Monday morning (September 13, 2021), several members of the Lamek Tablo-led separatist terrorist group reportedly torched several public facilities, including a public health center, and homes in Kiwirok.

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The separatist terrorists also got into a gun fight with Indonesian security personnel during which one army personnel sustained minor injuries on his right arm after a bullet ricocheted and struck him.


The wounded army personnel has been identified as 1st Private Ansar from the 403/WP Infantry Battalion.


The Papuan terrorists also assaulted and tortured several health workers from the Kiwirok Public Health Center.

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A female healthcare worker, identified as Gabriela Meilan, died after being tortured by the terrorists, said officials.


On Friday, the wounded soldier and nine healthcare workers who survived the terrorists' brutality were evacuated from Kiwirok sub-district in Pegunungan Bintang district to Jayapura city.


The health workers have been identified as Lukas Luji, Marthinus Deni Setya, Siti Khotijah, Dr.Restu Pamanggi, Marselinus Ola Atanila, Patra, Emanuel Abi, Katrianti Tandila, and Kristina Sampe Tonapa.


The evacuees were transported on a Caracal transport military helicopter to the capital of Papua province to receive medical treatment at Marthen Indey Hospital.


According to IDI's Aronggear, amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Papuan communities do need medical and healthcare services, but acts of violence against the paramedics could affect services.


On Thursday (September 16), activists from the IDI-Papua Chapter and around 250 paramedics staged a peaceful rally in Oksibil, the capital of Pegunungan Bintang district to show their last respects to the fallen health worker.


They also organized a candlelight vigil by lighting one thousand candles along the town's main road.

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