Jakarta (ANTARA) - Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Arifin Tasrif called to optimize the use of alternative energy sources to lower dependence on fossil fuels.

"Fossil energy continues to dominate as the primary energy source despite abundant potential of new renewable energy. Hence, alternative energy sources must be optimized," Tasrif stated during the "Indonesia Energy Transition Dialogue 2021" webinar on Monday.

Moreover, the minister noted that domestic oil consumption was higher than its production capacity, resulting in an increase in oil imports and a trade balance deficit.

Minister Tasrif remarked that fossil energy had continued to dominate energy production by meeting some 90 percent of the country's energy production requirements. Meanwhile, New Renewable Energy (EBT) only contributes 11.2 percent to the national energy and only 2.6 percent of the total potential is utilized.

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In a bid to encourage the optimization of EBT, the ministry has implemented several policies, including phasing out of the coal Steam Power Plant (PLTU) operations in order to achieve a carbon-neutral target.

He remarked that the government was also conducting massive EBT development and the development of super grid interconnection for more efficient energy conservation.

"The capacity of EBT power plants can be optimal if they are supported by super grid interconnections that allow electricity to be distributed and connect between demand and EBT resources," he noted.

Tasrif emphasized that the government remained committed to conducting energy transformation and decarbonization through EBT optimization.

"The results of our projection towards the net zero emission target in the energy sector will contribute to reducing emissions of 1526 million tons of CO2 or carbon emissions," he concluded. (I
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