Indonesia committed to global good during G20 presidency: Jokowi

Indonesia committed to global good during G20 presidency: Jokowi

Screenshot of President Joko Widodo's pre-recorded remarks presented at the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, Thursday (Sept 23, 2021). ANTARA/Desca Lidya Natalia.

Indonesia strives for the G20 to work for the benefit of all
Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) reiterated Indonesia's commitment to working for the good of the global society during its presidency in G20 commencing in late 2021.

"Indonesia will assume the G20 presidency in 2022 under the theme of 'Recover Together, Recover Stronger,'" President Jokowi stated in a video presented to delegates of the 76th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York, the United States, on Thursday morning.

Indonesia is committed to ensuring that G20 will work for the benefit of all nations and countries, the president emphasized.

"Indonesia strives for the G20 to work for the benefit of all, from developed and developing countries, north and south, big and small, archipelagic countries and small island states in the Pacific, as well as vulnerable groups that must be prioritized," President Jokowi remarked.

Indonesia will maintain inclusiveness of all groups during the G20 presidency and ensure that no one will be left behind in the global development, the president noted.

Jokowi has vowed that green economy and sustainability are also a priority during Indonesia's presidency in 2022 while highlighting the country's achievements to reducing forest damage in 2020.

"Indonesia is aware of its strategic place in terms of addressing the impacts of climate change, and we will work hard to fulfil our commitments. In 2020, Indonesia had reduced its forest fires by 82 percent as compared to the previous year," the president reasserted.

Indonesia is also committed to multilateralism and supporting burden-sharing to face the worldwide agenda and address global issues, Jokowi stated.

"Indonesia reiterates its hope and support to multilateralism. It is imperative for us to safeguard an effective multilateralism with concrete work and results. Let us work together, to recover together, recover stronger," President Jokowi remarked.

Indonesia's G20 presidency in 2022 would be the first for the country since the organisation was established in 1999. Indonesia would serve in the G20 presidency from December 1, 2021, to November 2022.

The G20 presidency will be officially handed over to Indonesia from the previous office holder, Italy, during the G20 Summit in Rome scheduled in October 2021.

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