Turn certification challenge into an export opportunity: Ministry

Turn certification challenge into an export opportunity: Ministry

Offloading at the Tanjung Perak Seaport, Surabaya, East Java. ANTARA East Java/Hanif Nashrullah/FR.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Director of the Trade Ministry's Trade Security Natan Kambuno has encouraged entrepreneurs to turn the challenge of certification requirements determined by several export destination countries into an opportunity to boost Indonesia's exports.

"Certification requirements often become a hurdle in trade because the standard applied by export destination counties are stricter than the international standard," Kambuno noted in his statement here on Friday.

During the second sharing session of a webinar titled "Certification Requirements as a Technical Hurdle for Trade in Export Destination Countries" in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Kambuno believes this challenge should be taken up by Indonesia's entrepreneurs by conducting mapping and utilizing various forms of international trade cooperation.

According to Kambuno, mapping of trade standard changes was deemed necessary to address the challenge of certification requirements, so that Indonesian products can penetrate the export market.

Moreover, the government should implement various forms of international trade cooperation with trade partner nations that involves bilateral, multilateral, and regional agreements to open broader market access for various types of commodities, he stated.

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Kambuno cited an example for farming, plantation, forestry, marine, and livestock products.

Through an international trade agreement, the government can conduct mutual recognition arrangement (MRA), so that Indonesia's standard is acknowledged and the products no longer need to undergo additional test.

"Indonesia should remain optimistic in facing the new landscape that necessitates plenty of certification requirements in the trading process, especially amid the pandemic," he expounded.

"To this end, Indonesia should develop its standard, testing laboratory, and product certification institution, so that our products can always fulfill the standard of the international market," he noted.

During the sharing session, the Trade Ministry also involved the South Sulawesi Trade Service since South Sulawesi has a strategic role to play as one of primary port cities in Indonesia's east region to sell the country's export commodities abroad.

"It is very important for Indonesia's exporters and entrepreneurs, including in South Sulawesi, to always monitor the developments, to maintain the quality of products, and to collaborate with the government," Kambuno expounded.

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