Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Student Executive Board (BEM SI) drew attention to anti-corruption as its main agenda during its national working meeting.

"We will finalize it in the agenda of the BEM SI's national working meeting being organized in Yogyakarta this afternoon," BEM SI's Central Coordinator Wahyu Suryono Pratama noted in a written statement on Monday.

The BEM SI is firmly siding with the people and upholding scientific truth, according to Pratama.

“The BEM SI Alliance remains consistent in adhering to the scientific truth and siding with the interests of the people. Our alliance strives to look at the corruption issue in a holistic and comprehensive manner,” Pratama, a student of the State University of Semarang, remarked.

He emphasized that BEM SI condemns all forms of corruption by officials, especially during the ongoing pandemic. He appealed to every law enforcer to take serious steps in tackling cases of corruption.

"We also urge all law enforcement officials to take serious steps in resolving corruption cases both at the regional and central levels," he remarked.

The BEM SI's spokesman noted that technically, his organization was preparing several steps along with other elements pertaining to the anti-corruption campaign.

The fight against corruption is a common task to achieve the nation's ideals, he stated.

"This anti-corruption fight is a common obligation to achieve the national ideals of the Indonesian nation," he affirmed.

The meeting was attended by representatives of 180 universities from across Indonesia.

The BEM SI alliance plans to stage a rally in front of the building of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to protest the dismissal of 57 KPK employees, including senior investigators, on Monday afternoon.

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