Bekasi, West Java (ANTARA) - West Java's Bekasi government organized free rabies vaccinations for pets in the area, to commemorate 2021 World Rabies Day.

Free rabies vaccinations for pets were carried out simultaneously in several areas in the city, head of livestock and animal health division of the local Food Security, Agriculture and Fisheries Office, Wadi Rima, said in Bekasi on Wednesday.

"This free rabies vaccination has been started since yesterday (September 28, 2021) and will continue until October 10," he said.

Rabies vaccinations were provided at six locations on Wednesday: Jatisampurna Sub-district Office, Vida Petshop and Vet Padurenan, Citra Pet and Vet Citra Grand, Smile Vet, Gading Animal Clinic, and Hug Me by Vet in Mutiara Gading Timur, Mustika Jaya, he informed.

The program aims to help prevent rabies, keep pets protected, and raise pet owners' awareness so they regularly vaccinate their pets, Rima said.

"This vaccination is carried out to maintain and protect the Bekasi city area from rabies. We also want to remind pet owners to routinely vaccinate every year so that their beloved animals stay healthy, fit, and active," he added.

Rima urged pet owners who have yet to join the free rabies vaccination program to register online by filling out the link provided on social media.

"Information about the implementation of this activity can be accessed through the Instagram account page @humaskotabekasi," he said.

According to a vaccinator in Jatisampurna district, Dr. Yudi Yurnalis, 150 people who had registered their pets participated in the activity on the first day.

"The target of this rabies vaccine is for pets, such as dogs, cats, monkeys, and horses that are six months old and over," Yunalis said.

The pet owners who participated in this program previously registered through the link, he informed. One they arrived at the vaccination, the body weight and health of their pets were checked, he said.

"If they pass (the checks), the animal can be vaccinated," he added.

Deny (39), a pet owner, said that he was enthusiastic about participating in the free rabies vaccination program at the Jatisampurna District Office.

"I am happy with this free rabies vaccination (program), and I have routinely vaccinated my pets. Prior to this, I vaccinated two of my pets, a cat and a dog. Then I bring back three cats and two dogs now. So, the need for vaccines for animals is fulfilled, not just for humans," he remarked.

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