Merauke, Papua (ANTARA) - Day two of the wushu match at the PON XX National Games, Merauke, Thursday, will have athletes competing for two gold medals in the men's and women's taijijian & taijiquan combined event of wushu taolu.

East Java athlete Bobie Valentinus Gunawan currently leads the men's number by recording 9.70 points from his taijijian performance on the first day of the match. Consistent and firm performance during his taijiquan event today will help him secure a victory.

North Sumatra's two wushu athletes -- Fredy and Nicholas -- came second and third by clocking 9.65 and 9.55 points respectively.

Alisya Mellynar currently leads the women's combination number by chalking 9.67 points in her taijijian performance. Central Java athlete Alexandra Calista Setiawan followed her lead in the second position by securing 9.64 points, while Zefanya Adelia Sidharta from Yogyakarta recorded 9.62 points from performances in taijijian.

Apart from the taijijian and taijiquan combined event, four other combined numbers followed today's wushu match.

Daoshu (sabre) wushu match commenced today, and the score attained today will be combined with the gunshu (long stick) match score tomorrow.

Today's match will also see athletes competing in jianshu (sword) discipline, with today's score being combined with the qiangshu (spear) match score tomorrow.

Among the athletes competing in the jianshu-qiangshu combination number are Muhammad Daffa from East Java, Erwein Wijayanto and Nandira Mauriksha from Jakarta, and Zoura Nebulani from West Java.

Meanwhile, Edgar Xavier Marvelo from Jakarta is currently eyeing a gold medal in the daoshu-gunshu combined event for his province after successfully winning a gold in the men's changquan (bare-hand) number earlier.

Fellow Jakarta athlete Nandira also emerged victorious in the women's changquan event and bagged the second gold medal in wushu for the province.

The second session will have athletes competing for the men's 70-kg and 75-kg classes in the sanda (combat) discipline, followed by the quarter-final for the women's 48 kg, 52 kg, 56 kg, and 60 kg classes in that discipline to conclude the day's match.

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