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Spectators go through four checkpoints to attend PON opening ceremony

Spectators go through four checkpoints to attend PON opening ceremony

Spectators queue up for the XX Papua PON opening ceremony at the east gate of the Lukas Enembe Stadium, Papua, on Saturday (October 2, 2021). (ANTARA/Andi Firdaus/rst)

Papua (ANTARA) - Spectators joining the opening ceremony of the 20th National Sports Week (PON) at the Lukas Enembe Stadium, Papua Province, on Saturday had to go through four checkpoints.

"To watch the opening ceremony, spectators must register online at tiket.com or the official website of the PON XX Papua ," Irma Reyaan, a visitor, said.


Reyaan registered for the opening ceremony on September 30, 2021 via tiket.com. The registration involved showing a full vaccination certificate and identity card, she said.


After registration, Reyaan received an invitation letter that could be downloaded directly and exchanged for a bracelet at the venue. All registration mechanisms were free, she said.

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For civil servants within the Papua provincial government, invitations were made available in each office.


"We also have to register online by including our identity card and vaccination certificate," Ricky Kurniawan, a civil servant at the Papua provincial government, informed.


On October 2, spectators were required to bring the invitation to the Lukas Enembe Stadium and exchange it for a bracelet.


"The process of exchanging invitations also required proof of identity card and vaccination certificate," he added.

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The bracelets provided by the committee were color-coded: red bracelets were given to visitors from Jayapura district and white bracelets were provided to visitors from Jayapura city, he said.


Each bracelet had a barcode that could be scanned by the committee at the entrance for the arrival verification process. In addition, spectators were also required to undergo a temperature test at the entrance.

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ANTARA's observation at the east gate of the stadium on Saturday afternoon found a long queue of spectators dominated by civil servants from the Papua provincial government. Overall, there were four queues of spectators at the entry.


Each queue had to undergo four stages of checking. At the first post, officers checked bracelets and prohibited items. Officers at the second post scanned visitors' body temperature.


Security officers from military (TNI) and police (Polri) checked visitors' belongings using metal detectors at the third post. Finally, officers at post four scanned the barcode printed on the visitors' bracelet.


The opening ceremony of the games was scheduled to start at 7 p.m. local time and feature music entertainment, athlete parades, cultural performances, and fireworks exhibition.

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