Jakarta (ANTARA) - Some 266 COVID-19 patients are still undergoing treatment at the Kemayoran Athlete's Village COVID-19 Emergency Hospital in Jakarta as per Tuesday.

"The number of patients declined by nine," Colonel Aris Mudian, the coordinator for emergency hospitals for COVID-19, noted in a statement here on Tuesday.

Mudian revealed that 275 inpatients were receiving care as per Monday, October 4.

All patients confirmed positive for COVID-19 are being treated at towers Four, Five, Six, and Seven, he noted. They showed mild symptoms, he added.

The Emergency Hospital can cater to nearly 7,937 patients. Currently, 7,671 beds are vacant.

During the period from March 23, 2020, to October 5, 2021, a total of 128,218 patients were referred to the Athlete's Village Hospital. They have as many as 127,952 COVID-19 outpatients, with 126,319 having recovered, 1,037 others referred to other hospitals, and 596 patients that succumbed to COVID-19.

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Mudian also highlighted situation at the Pademangan Athlete's Village COVID-19 Emergency Hospital. Currently, 4,812 inpatients were recorded as per Tuesday. The figure declined by three from the day before (October 4) when the number of inpatients reached 4,815. They are being treated at Towers Eight, Nine, and 10.

Mudian also furnished information on the condition of COVID-19 patients at the Pasar Rumput Apartment COVID-19 Emergency Hospital.

Currently, 2,285 infected patients were undergoing treatment at the Pasar Rumput Apartment Hospital. The figure declined by 313 as compared to 2,598 people being treated as of Monday, October 4. The patients are receiving treatment in Tower One and Two.

Coordinator of the Kemayoran Athlete's Village COVID-19 Emergency Hospital General Mayor Tugas Ratmono stated that centralized isolation facilities also offered health services and medical assistance to asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic COVID-19 patients, so that those with moderate and severe symptoms could be treated at the referral hospital.

He compelled all stakeholders to always follow health protocols in a disciplined manner.

Practicing vigilance by complying with the 5M health protocols was the most important aspect, so that COVID-19 cases did not spike again, he stated.

"I have been here for more than a year. From the data, if there is negligence in implementing health protocols, then the number of patients who come in will definitely increase. The number of patients at the Athlete's Village accurately describes the condition of the COVID-19 pandemic," Ratmono pointed out.

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