Jakarta (ANTARA) - House of Representatives (DPR RI) Speaker Puan Maharani expressed hope that the welfare of the Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) personnel could continuously be improved, and the government would be more attentive to the safety of the TNI soldiers stationed in Papua.

"I am optimistic that the plan to increase the performance allowance by 80 percent for TNI personnel will soon be realized since the TNI's responsibility is not easy," she said in a statement that ANTARA received on Tuesday regarding the commemoration of the TNI's 76th anniversary.

In addition to maintaining national defense, theTNI personnel have also conducted military operations other than war, she said, adding that the TNI has consistently shown good performance in maintaining the defense and resilience of the country. As a result, the TNI has received good feedback from the public.

Hence, the House speaker assessed that public satisfaction over TNI's performance must be accompanied by an improvement in the welfare of the soldiers.

Puan Maharani further expressed hope that the government would be more attentive to the safety of TNI soldiers while conducting their professional duties to maintain security and stability in Papua, as several of them died in fights against armed Papuan separatist terrorists.

She lauded the TNI's performance in protecting the sovereignty of the nation and helping the government handle the COVID-19 pandemic since Indonesia was hit by the coronavirus in 2020.

Maharani also acknowledged the TNI's contribution to expanding the nation's vaccination program to reach people in border areas and other difficult-to-access regions.

The house speaker revealed that during several surveys, the TNI was regarded as having a good image. For instance, according to a survey of Kompas' Research and Development Division, public assessed that the TNI had conducted various activities that benefited communities, and received a satisfaction rate of 78.1 percent for handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, Maharani lauded the TNI personnel who secure the country's border areas, and involve in the UN Peacekeeping Mission.

Translator: Imam Budilaksono, Raka Adji
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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