Jakarta (ANTARA) - Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini has prepared eight buffer stock points to aid survivors of landslides and flash floods, which struck Luwu District, South Sulawesi Province, on Sunday.

“This has to be anticipated. Here, the territory is mountainous and access is difficult. It must be ensured that local community's needs of logistics can still be prepared, in the event of a disaster in the future," the minister said in a statement received here on Wednesday.

She said that during her visit to the location of a landslide and flash flood in Ilanbatu Village, West Walenrang Sub-district, Luwu District, on Wednesday, she observed many landslide points along the way to the location.

"Well, if there is a landslide, then access is closed, I am worried that the food needs of the people at some points will not be met," she added.

By listening to inputs and through direct observation, she said she identified eight vulnerable locations. The Social Affairs Ministry has established buffer stock points in these eight spots, she informed.

In each of these places, basic needs will be prepared in the form of fast food, blankets, rolled tents, family kits, mattresses, folding mattresses, rice, clean water, and oil, Rismaharini said.

"With the buffer stock (which will be easily accessible), it is expected that people's needs for foods (will be met easily)," she added.

She said that her ministry will cooperate with the head of Luwu District, national defense force, and police force to ensure smooth supply of buffer stock. These agencies will coordinate to determine areas with houses available to store buffer stock, she added.

The disaster in Luwu has caused damage to riverbed, communication infrastructure, and roads, the minister noted. To address these issues, she said she will coordinate with the Public Works and Housing Ministry and Communication and Information Technology Ministry.

At the disaster site, Rismaharini and her entourage inspected infrastructure damaged by floods and landslides. She also inspected a soup kitchen run by Tagana, which supplies ready-to-eat food to disaster survivors. She also visited health posts and shelters set up for meeting the logistical needs of victims.

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Rismaharini expressed deep condolences to the families of victims who died in the disaster. She urged the families to be steadfast and sincere in accepting trials. She also said that the central, regional, and related agencies were working to help ease the burden on the community.

She also distributed compensation to four heirs of victims who died in the disaster, which struck on Sunday (October 3, 2021). Each of them received Rp15 million (US$1,051), bringing the total to Rp60 million (US$4,205).

The Social Affairs Ministry has been distributing aid through Tagana to people affected by the disaster, the minister said. From the Makassar Regional Warehouse, aid has been distributed in the form of 300 packages of ready-to-eat food, 600 packages of children's food, 200 mattresses, 200 sheets of blankets, 200 packages of family kits, 200 packages of red rolled tents, and one unit of rubber boat, she informed. The total value of the assistance is Rp306,036,300 (US$21,449), she said.

Then, assistance from the Social Service Warehouse of the South Sulawesi province has come in the form of 100 packages of children's food, 181 packages of ready-to-eat food, 50 packages of mattresses, 70 red rolled tents, 15 blankets, 30 mattresses, 15 packages of family kitchen utensils, 25 packages of food ware, 100 packs of family kits, 50 packs of kids ware, she said.

With the assistance valued at Rp138,499,123 (US$9,706), the total aid has amounted to Rp504,535,423 (about US$35 thousand), she added.

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Translator: Devi N S R, Mecca Yumna
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