Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) is focusing on building a national halal ecosystem by encouraging the optimization of the potential and opportunities for halal industry development in Indonesia, an official has said.

"In creating a halal ecosystem, Kemenperin has issued two regulations of the Minister of Industry. First is regarding the Halal Industrial Estate, and then the establishment of the Halal Industry Empowerment Center," Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry Dody Widodo stated in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world (272.2 million), but it ranks 4th behind Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates in terms of the global sharia economy, he said.

"The two ministerial regulations are being carried out together to develop the halal industry that supports sharia economic growth in Indonesia," he affirmed.

Although there are many aspects that must be considered, Indonesia has a great opportunity for developing the halal industry, especially in the food and beverage, fashion, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, Dody explained during the Merdeka Barat 9 Forum held by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics on Monday.

"The increase in demand for halal food products and the development of modest fashion trends must be utilized by Indonesia's textile industry and products through a variety of product innovations and optimization of functional textiles," he remarked.

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In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, the development of halal products is also in line with efforts to substitute imported raw materials, using Indonesia's biodiversity as a selling pointer in the eyes of global consumers.

Kemenperin and related ministries/institutions, such as the National Sharia Economic Committee (KNEKS), the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) are currently compiling a roadmap for the halal industry to accelerate the halal ecosystem development in Indonesia,

"It is expected to help accelerate the forming of the halal ecosystem from an industrial aspect," Widodo said.

In addition, Kemenperin is also actively supporting the empowerment of the national halal industry, including the HR development of the halal industry, the production process development, facilitation of halal infrastructure development, as well as publications and promotions, especially those related to the national halal industry.

"This also includes support for Small and Medium Industries (IKM), which have received halal certification facilities," he remarked.

Kemenperin also plans to hold the Indonesia Halal Industry Award (IHIA) in 2021 to appreciate those who are playing an active role in the development and empowerment of the halal industry in Indonesia.

"This award will be given to various parties involved, for example, those who produce halal innovations, small and medium Industries which consistently carry out halal principles, and halal industrial estates," he said.

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