DPD speaker urges village officials to support BUMDes

DPD speaker urges village officials to support BUMDes

Regional Representatives Council (DPD) Speaker AA LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti. (ANTARA/HO-DPD RI)

We will encourage village heads to conduct benchmarking
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Regional Representatives Council (DPD) speaker A. A. LaNyalla Mahmud Mattalitti has called on village officials to increase their motivation in managing Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes).

Mattalitti in his statement here, Friday, assessed that BUMDes have a vital role in improving the economy of villages.

“We will encourage village heads to conduct benchmarking. The aim is none other than to increase the motivation of village officials in managing BUMDes," he affirmed.

Mattalitti noted that the success of Bogor District, West Java Province, in managing 25 BUMDes should set an example for other regions.

“BUMDes there (in Bogor District) are able to contribute to the village economy. It needs to be followed by other regions in a bid to build a rural-based economy," he noted.

Mattalitti pressed for concrete support from village heads in managing BUMDes. Hence, villages must have qualified and good human resources to manage BUMDes.

"Thus, they would be able to help overcome obstacles, such as determining the type of business and building a management system. Rural economic growth will later align with the level of progress of BUMDes," he stated.

The DPD speaker noted that in order to develop BUMDes, village heads can conduct benchmarking in villages that have more advanced BUMDes.

“Benchmarking could spur interest in development by taking lessons (from other villages) that are useful for the village's progress," he stated.

He called on village heads to be more creative and open up opportunities for collaboration with other villages that are more advanced.

"The village head must focus on managing BUMDes, as they are essential for economic growth," he remarked.

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