Heavy rainfall led to flash floods in Batu: BMKG

Heavy rainfall led to flash floods in Batu: BMKG

Volunteers and officials from the Search and Rescue (SAR) team evacuate victims of a flash flood in Batu, East Java on Friday (November 5, 2021). (ANTARA PHOTO/Zabur Karuru/hp/rst)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) has said that the flash flood that occurred in Batu City, East Java were triggered by extreme rainfall.

"Based on the results of BMKG's weather analysis, the rainfall that occurred in the Batu City area on November 4 (2021) caused flash floods in the area. The intensity was in the extreme category," head of the BMKG's Weather Prediction and Early Warning Division, Miming Saepudin, said on Friday.

The intensity of the rainfall during the flash flood reached 80.3 millimeters in a span of two hours, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. local time, Saepudin informed.

The flash flood in Batu was also caused by the formation of cumulonimbus rain clouds, which caused heavy rainfall in the Malang area, he said.

"The results of the analysis of satellite images and weather radar showed the growth of rain clouds of the cumulonimbus type. This caused heavy rainfall in the Batu area. This also triggered the extreme weather conditions in the region," he added.

BMKG has forecast potential extreme weather in East Java region for the next week. The extreme weather is likely to not only occur in Malang, but also in several areas in East Java, it said.

In November 2021, most of Indonesia, especially Java Island, will enter the beginning of the rainy season, which is expected to be extreme due to the Rossby wave and Madden Jullian Oscillation (MJO) phenomena, the agency added.

Saepudin reminded all communities, especially those living on Java island, to be attentive in following the weather predictions as well as BMKG's anticipation and mitigation programs for extreme rainfall.

"From what we predict, the peak of the rainy season in the Java region is in January and February. Please stay vigilant on the potential rainfall, at least until February or March," he said.

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