Jakarta (ANTARA) - Postgraduate Professor of Jakarta State University (UNJ) Prof. Eliana Sari called to reinforce the realization of child-friendly schools that are far from sexual violence.

"Schools must be child-friendly and far from sexual violence," Sari remarked at the launch and discussion of the textbook about child-friendliness: "Sharpening Gold Into Diamonds" here on Saturday.

Sari wrote the book along with National Child Protection Commission (KPAI) Commissioner Jasra Putra, UNJ Postgraduate Professor Makruf Akbar, and Lecturer of Jakarta Ibnu Chaldun University, Suhardin.

According to Sari, schools should provide a sense of security and comfort to all children. They should be kept away from the fear of violence or that their rights are not accommodated properly.

A sense of comfort, security, and happiness can be provided to children through collaboration among the family, educational institutions, school management, and the community, she noted.

Sari revealed that the new book focused on how to realize a child-friendly school, based on several aspects, including the concepts, goals, and policies.

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Sari is optimistic that a book on child-friendly school management and role model to support the growth and development of children in the education process would be available.

Chairman of STKIP Muhammadiyah Bogor Edy Sukardi emphasized that children should be nurtured, and to this end, all parties should support their processes to grow.

"There must be an effort to yield strong, intelligent, and godly children," he pointed out.

Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Agency (LPAI) Seto Mulyadi also lauded the book. He believes that adults can help realize optimal child development.

According to Mulyadi, if a child is always criticized, reproached, bullied, or abused, then he or she may not grow to become their best version. Mulyadi believes that it hinders their optimal growth and development.

Hence, the environment where children grow up, such as the family, school, and the community, must synergize efforts to encourage the most effective development of children.

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