Sweden looks forward to involvement in Indonesia's new capital project

Sweden looks forward to involvement in Indonesia's new capital project

A screencapture of the Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia Marina Berg speaking at the webinar of Sweden-Indonesia Sustainability Partnership Week in Jakarta on Monday (November 22, 2021). (ANTARA/ Juwita Trisna Rahayu)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Sweden is looking forward to further engagement in Indonesia's ambitious new capital project since it will adopt the smart city development concept learned from Swedish experiences.

“We look forward to getting further engaged, as the new capital project moves on to the implementation phase,” Swedish Ambassador to Indonesia Marina Berg emphasized during a webinar of the Sweden-Indonesia Sustainability Partnership Week televised here on Monday.

The country has learnt about the plan to build a new capital for Indonesia, she noted, adding that it has become the first project on the list of collaboration projects in future.

“Since then, we have been in close contact with Bappenas (the National Development Planning Board). We are working on the master plan planned for the new capital,” she noted.

Berg revealed that during the visit to Sweden with the National Development Planning (PPN) Minister and Head of the National Development Planning Board (Bappenas), Suharso Monoarfa, they had comprehensively explored the topic of Indonesia’s new capital project and had reviewed what knowledge and information can be gained from the Swedish experience of smart-city development.

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Apart from Indonesia’s new capital project, Sweden's second focus is Indonesia’s 5G development, she added.

“The main point is how to utilize the technology in Indonesia’s cities as part of sustainable development. The discussions are ongoing,” she remarked.

Furthermore, the ambassador is optimistic that Indonesia’s G20 presidency in 2022 would create new opportunities between both countries.

“We see great opportunities for cooperation on moving the sustainability agenda forward during Indonesia’s G20 presidency and also during the agenda in 2023 when Sweden holds the EU (European Union) presidency and Indonesia being the chair of ASEAN,” she expounded.

Sweden has formulated 10 points for future collaboration with Indonesia encompassing electrification of Jakarta’s bus system; rail development of MRT and LRT; Ministry of Transportation’s Buy the Service (BTS) program; sustainable development implementation; new capital; projects on smart grids and energy efficiency; waste-to-energy in Medan, Cirebon, and Probolinggo; Citarum river clean-up program, annual Indonesia-Sweden health forum; and innovation and digitalization of hospitals.

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