Thus, using an electric vehicle to run a distance of 10-12 km only costs Rp1,820.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned electricity provider PT PLN (Persero) is expanding the operations of electric vehicle charging station (SPKLU) by establishing the first SPKLU in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province.

The facility is located at the Kampung Ujung Tourism Parking Lot, Labuan Bajo Village, West Manggarai District, NTT Province, and aims to expedite the establishment of an electric vehicle ecosystem.

"The SPKLU is able to encourage the realization of an electrifying lifestyle among the community and support the provision of electric vehicles by entrepreneurs," Director of Commerce and Customer Management of PLN Bob Saril noted in a written statement here on Thursday.

In addition, he expected the facility to be able to push the massive use of battery-based electric vehicles in NTT Province, especially at the village level.

Applying the self-service concept, customers can charge their own electric vehicles according to the instructions.

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The facility can charge quickly with 50 kilo-watt (kW) of direct current and 22 kW of alternating current. Thus, each vehicle can be fully charged in two hours at the most depending on the battery capacity.

Using electric vehicles is more efficient than conventional models, as the consumption of one liter of fuel is equivalent to 1.3 kilo-watt hour (kWh) of electricity.

One liter of fuel used to cover about 10-12 kilometers (km) costs around Rp8,000, meanwhile one kilo-watt hour of electricity only costs around Rp1,400.

"Thus, using an electric vehicle to cover a distance of 10-12 km only costs Rp1,820," the director pointed out.

The SPKLU has also been integrated with the Charge.IN app that can make it easier for electric car owners to control and monitor the charging process.

"We will continue to build more SPKLU in several regions in NTT Province, such as in Kupang City, Ende City, Maumere City, and Waingapu City, to accelerate the use of electric cars,” Saril added.

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