Jakarta (ANTARA) - Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project executor PT Kereta Cepat Indonesia China (KCIC) has assured the company is prioritizing workers' safety and quality following an accident at its construction site.

"PT KCIC will not tolerate any construction errors beyond tolerable values," the company's president director, Dwiyana Slamet Riyadi, said in Jakarta on Thursday.

The accident occurred after an alignment error was detected on a completed pier by the company's quality control team and construction supervisory consultant, he informed.

Following the discovery, the management instructed the construction contractor to demolish the faulty pier and rebuild it, he said. The company also formulated engineering standard operating procedures for the demolition and the rework process, he added.

However, operation errors during the demolition process caused the pier to collapse prematurely on an excavator that was being used for the demolition, the president director said while clarifying that no casualties were reported in the accident.

An investigation conducted by the management found that operators conducting the demolition process had violated the standard procedures, he said.

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The management reprimanded the staff responsible and asked them to ensure such accidents do not recur in future, Riyadi informed.

"We promptly summoned the project contractor and reprimanded the staff responsible during the accident. We have reminded them to follow the standard procedure to prevent another accident in the future," the president director said.

The construction team is currently continuing the investigation and problem analysis on the construction process, he said adding, the investigation report will be submitted to the Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Ministry upon completion.

"We are currently focusing on investigating and addressing issues following the accident. We have also instructed parties involved in the construction project to be attentive to work safely and observe the enforced work procedures," Riyadi said.

The president director informed that the high-speed railway engineering function and designs, including tunnels and bridges structures, have been examined and approved by the ministry, and the infrastructure is expected to last for around 100 years.

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