Staycation trend indicates tourism revival amid pandemic: ministry

Staycation trend indicates tourism revival amid pandemic: ministry

Illustration of staycation. (Pexels)

This (evidence) reflects that the tourism industry can revive amid the pandemic and the trend can also help boost the economy
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The staycation trend has shown that the tourism sector, particularly the hospitality industry, has revived, according to an official from the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry.

"This (evidence) reflects that the tourism industry has revived amid the pandemic and the trend can also help boost the economy and the public can judge it. Let us travel again to the nearest spot,” the ministry’s Marketing Deputy, Nia Niscaya, said during a virtual event here on Thursday.

Currently, the vacation trend has changed, with people preferring a comfortable vacation spot that implements the health protocols strictly, and staycation is considered to meet this requirement, she noted.

In addition, staycation helps avoid crowds, use of public transportation with a large number of passengers, and mobilizes people outside their regions, she pointed out.

“In terms of distance, spots for staycation are commonly nearby. The most important thing is they can gain a different experience since I think the essence of traveling is to gain experience,” she said.

Niscaya lauded hotels for being creative in offering various activities to guests during their staycation.

Meanwhile, Jakarta Hotel Public Relation Association chairman Marlene Danusutedjo said that many hotels have obtained the certificate of health protocols based on cleanliness, health, security, and sustainability (CHSE) so that staycation activities can be made more secure and comfortable.

“We make sure to the guests that the staycation can be done securely and in keeping with the health protocols,” she said.

Staycation is the right choice for people who want to have a holiday amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Danusutedjo.

“Staycation is the right choice, the sport is generally not far but people can get the refreshing situation,” she added.

On the other hand, Andre Binarto, an influencer, suggested that people who are keen on going on a staycation choose hotels that have a CHSE certificate for a more secure and fun holiday experience.

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