Jakarta (ANTARA) - Female genital mutilation or female circumcision is not beneficial to women and could prove harmful instead, the director of family health at the Health Ministry, Dr. Erna Mulati, has said.

"(FGM) has no benefit, it's even very harmful," she stated during a webinar, accessed online from here on Thursday.

The Health Ministry does not recommend female circumcision, she added.

"The Health Ministry does not recommend women to be circumcised, and even prohibits it, because, from the health aspect, it must be based on medical indications," she stated.

Female genital mutilation could be opted for if there are certain medical indications, or in cases where genital circumcision can provide health benefits, she added.

There are short-term and long-term effects of genital mutilation, she said adding, the short-term effects include bleeding.

"If (the bleeding) is not treated immediately, it is not impossible that there would be heavy bleeding," she said.

There could also be tremendous pain, which might cause the affected person to faint, she warned. The bleeding could even cause shock, she said.

Female genital mutilation could also lead to urinary tract infections, she added.

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"A urinary tract infection can occur. If this urinary tract (infection) is not addressed properly, it can become chronic later. If it is chronic, it will have a significant impact," she cautioned.

Another consequence could be an inability to feel pleasure during sexual intercourse, she said.

Not only that, women who are circumcised could experience prolonged psychological trauma, she added.

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