We will create a more conducive environment for them.
Solo, C java (ANTARA) - The Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Ministry remains committed to accommodating the traders’ suggestions regarding the arrangement of Legi Market, Solo City, Central Java Province, scheduled to be inaugurated in January 2022.

"The merchants complained about the exhaust fans. Initially, the fans were installed since the center area of the market was a bit hot," Director General of Human Settlement at the ministry Diana Kusumastuti stated during her visit to the market on Saturday.

However, several traders reported that their activities were disturbed by the loud sounds of the fans, she noted.

"We will solve the problem later. We will create a more conducive environment for them," she remarked.

Another issue raised pertained to raindrops entering the kiosks through the building’s large vents.

The director general noted that it is natural for the rainwater to enter the kiosks since the market applied the green building concept that necessitated proper air circulation through the vents.

"We will find a solution to prevent the rain drops from entering while still allowing the circulation of air," she affirmed.

Furthermore, Kusumastuti noted that despite work on the market being fully completed, her side will continue to monitor management of the market.

"The building must be safe and clean. Cleanliness is important because if the market is dirty, it will become a slum. I call on the local government to urge the traders to be heedful to it, so that the market can be neater," Kusumastuti stressed.

According to the director general, the market will be inaugurated on January 20, 2022, though she could not as yet confirm who will officiate the market.

Meanwhile, Solo Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka confirmed that the traders had reached a common consensus on the location of their stalls.

"We have entered the building to check the complaints. We have accommodated all of them. Regarding the issue of exhaust fans and raindrops trickling into the kiosks, we will fix it later," he added.

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