Probolinggo, East Java (ANTARA) - One resident of Gunggungan Kidul Village, Probolinggo District, East Java Province, was found dead after being swept away by flooding on Monday evening.

The body of the victim, identified as Sunijar, 60, was found in Gunungmalang Hamlet, Head of the Emergency and Logistics Division of the Probolinggo Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) Sugeng Suprisayoga stated when contacted on phone on Tuesday.

Initially, two villagers were reported missing during the flooding and landslide in Gunggungan Kidul Village, Pakuniran Sub-district, though one victim was found safe while the other had died.

The floods and landslide were triggered by incessant heavy rains that had lashed Probolinggo for several hours, causing local rivers to overflow their banks and two bridges to collapse.

"Access to two bridges was cut off, and one shop was heavily damaged by flooding in the Pancor and Dawuhan hamlets in Gunggungan Kidul Village, so access to the two hamlets was blocked," he remarked.

The flooding also submerged rice fields and caused electricity poles to collapse.

"BPBD Probolinggo is still having varying data on residents affected by floods and landslide in Gunggungan Kidul Village, as the initial data received was still incomplete," he noted.

Meanwhile, a whirlwind also hit Besuk Sub-district, Probolinggo District, causing dozens of houses to suffer light to heavy damages.

Coordinator of the Probolinggo BPBD Rapid Response Team Aris Setyawan stated that one resident was injured, 73 houses were damaged, and several trees fell due to the strong winds in Besuk.

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