Currently, we are working on segment two right in front of the circuit. We will build it into four lanes with a median of greenery
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The government and the community continue to collaborate in readying supporting facilities for the MotoGP scheduled on March 20, 2022, at the Mandalika Circuit, Central Lombok District.

Several supporting facilities, such as infrastructure, are continually being improved and hotel accommodations are being ramped up.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) thereafter ensured the readiness of facilities and infrastructure to support the implementation of the 2022 Mandalika MotoGP in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Thursday, (Jan 13).

President Jokowi departed for the province from the Halim Perdanakusuma Air Force Base aboard the Indonesia 1 Presidential Airplane at around 7 a.m. Western Indonesian Standard Time (WIB).

After arriving at the Zainuddin Abdul Madjid Lombok International Airport (BIL) at around 9:50 a.m. WITA, Jokowi reviewed the readiness of the airport facilities along with several local government officials.

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"I checked the arrival gate at the airport and also the process at the airport. I had seen everything related to health protocols, the PCR test booth, and checked the vaccine certificate verification. All processes are being managed well," Jokowi noted.

The president reviewed several facilities, including temperature checkpoints and electronic health alert cards or e-HAC, immigration document checkpoints, baggage collection, and customs checkpoints.

President Jokowi rode a custom Kawasaki W175 metallic green motorbike to inspect the BIL-Mandalika Bypass Road and review the readiness of several infrastructures for the 2022 MotoGP event.

The 2022 Indonesian MotoGP series will be the second series of the MotoGP events scheduled to take place on March 18-20, 2022, at the Mandalika International Street Circuit.

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Jokowi urged related government officials to complete the beautification of the main roads leading to the Mandalika International Street Circuit, Central Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara, by February 2022.

After hosting the WSBK championship at the end of 2021, the next major event to be hosted at the Mandalika Circuit will be the 2022 Indonesian Grand Prix MotoGP championship in March.

"We hope visitors will enjoy the beauty and aesthetic panorama on their way from the airport to the Mandalika Circuit. Hence, we must prepare for this, and I expect it to be completed by February," the president affirmed.

Jokowi rode the Kawasaki W175 custom motorcycle from the Zainuddin Abdul Majid International Airport to the Mandalika Circuit to test the road leading to the circuit.

Jokowi wore a limited-edition jacket themed "Indonesia's G20 Presidency" while riding the motorcycle.

On his social media account, the president said the jacket he had worn was domestically produced.

The President rides a Kawasaki W175 custom motorbike to review the readiness of several infrastructures for the Mandalika 2022 MotoGP event, in Lombok, NTB, Thursday (January 13, 2022). ANTARA/HO-Press Bureau of the Presidential Secretariat.
He also instructed officials to plant trees and shrubs, such as bougainvillea, golden trumpet, Terminalia, and blackboard, along the roads leading to the circuit to increase the aesthetic appeal.

Apart from inspecting the condition of the bypass road, the president also reviewed the progress in preparations at the bypass road roundabout, Jokowi Hill, and Sunggung roundabout.

"I have observed the bypass road's condition from the airport to the Mandalika area, and my observation focused on its landscape beauty and aesthetic aspect. The work has proceeded for only a week, but I can see the progress already, he remarked.

The head of state also expressed hope that the work underway at the Mandalika Circuit and its periphery would not only cater to international championships and visitors but will also benefit locals.

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"We also want Mandalika to not only cater to motorcycle racing but also have a positive economic effect on locals. Some villages have also hosted homestays that the regional government has built with the central government's support, and around 300 homestays are ready for now," he remarked.

Meanwhile, MotoGP Mandalika Field Commander Hadi Tjahjanto noted that improvements to the Mandalika Circuit had almost reached 100 percent.

"Hence, the readiness of the Mandalika Circuit, in general, is 100 percent in its own circuit," Tjahjanto noted.

Tjahjanto confirmed that his side was currently focusing on overseeing the improvement of waterways or drainage at the Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

Drainage integration will be conducted between the inner and outer lines of the circuit to prevent puddles that had occurred during the World Superbike at the Mandalika Circuit on November 19-20, 2021.

Outside the circuit, he noted that improvements were made at several places, including the Kuta road corridor in Central Lombok to Keruak in East Lombok District. This work will be completed before the Mandalika 2022 MotoGP event on March 18-20.

"Currently, we are working on segment two right in front of the circuit. We will build it into four lanes with a median of greenery," Tjahjanto remarked.

He noted that the repairs covered the residents' houses and stalls adjacent to the Mandalika circuit. Hundreds of houses will be arranged in the area around Kuta-Keruak to increase the aesthetic appeal around the circuit.

According to the president’s message, improvements around the Mandalika circuit must be conducted in an integrated manner, including accelerating unfinished development.

Tjahjanto also believed that some improvements, especially outside the circuit, will be completed on time before March 2022. The improvements include those made to the Bay Pass road from the airport to Sunggu where plants and flowers will be planted.

The government has also provided Pinisi and Pelni ships as floating hotels to address the housing shortage during the MotoGP racing at the Mandalika Circuit.

The hotel capacity in Lombok is only 16 thousand, so the government will increase the lodging capacity according to the tickets sold, which are approximately 63,500, by providing Pinisi and Pelni ships as floating hotels, Presidential Chief of Staff's (KSP's) Deputy I, Febry Calvin Tetelepta, stated.

The government will also optimize the homestays managed by residents as well as buildings for Special Tourism Residential Facilities (Sarhunta) located in Mandalika, Gili Air, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Meno in North Lombok, NTB.

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Apart from floating hotels, President Jokowi spoke of the government having built 300 homestays assisted by the central government and readied by the local government.

He is keen that the MotoGP event in Mandalika has a positive effect on the community's economic growth.

The head of state is optimistic that all homestay rooms would be fully occupied during the MotoGP event.

In addition, the government provides a camping ground and glamping, or luxury tents, to meet residential requirements during the MotoGP event.

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