Corruption acts will reduce significantly if the top leaders are fearless (in facing corruption)
Jakarta (ANTARA) - A harsh penalty involving life imprisonment and seizure of assets must be levied against corruption convicts to optimize anti-corruption efforts in Indonesia, an academic from Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University has opined.

"The harsh punishment of a double or triple life sentence or (total asset confiscation) to make them live under poverty will have a deterrent effect on them (the corrupt)," Professor Azyumardi Azra said during a virtual discussion on the eradication of corruption in democracy on Tuesday.

The discussion was broadcast on Kemitraan Indonesia's YouTube channel and observed from Jakarta.

The academic also suggested several measures that the government could take to boost anti-corruption efforts in Indonesia.

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First, the government and national leaders must demonstrate strong and sincere political will to eradicate corruption, he said.

Second, government and institution leaders must be tough and take bold action against corrupt subordinates, for instance, by firing staff proven to have engaged in graft without hesitation, Azra explained.

Such bold measures by leaders will help suppress corruption and bolster anti-corruption efforts in Indonesia, he said.

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"Corruption acts will reduce significantly if the top leaders are fearless (in facing corruption)," Azra remarked.

He also said that relevant anti-corruption legislation must be used to regulate harsher sentences to properly punish corrupt convicts and deter others.

The government and law enforcers' commitment to embolden their determination to fight corruption will optimize the anti-corruption struggle in Indonesia, the academic noted.

Anti-corruption crusades will get stalled if no actions are taken by the government to enhance anti-corruption efforts in the country, he added.

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