Jakarta, (ANTARA) -- Cyber security has become a priority issue for every country, along with the increasing use of information and communication technology (ICT) in various aspects of daily life and state life. Threats that are only increasing both in volume and complexity need to be anticipated with educational activities that support the transfer of knowledge related to cybersecurity for the nation's future generations.

Initiated by the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN), CyberHub Fest 2022 is a form of concrete collaboration between the quad-helix ecosystem which includes the government, community, academics, and industry players. This event is expected to contribute to digital security literacy and cyberspace environment with high security and reliability, as well as to become a driving force for competitiveness and innovation in cybersecurity. CyberHub Fest 2022 featured keynote speakers including Lieutenant General TNI (Ret.) Hinsa Siburian, Head of BSSN; Jacky Chen, CEO of Huawei Indonesia; Marsda TNI Arif Mustofa, Deputy VII of the Coordinating Ministry for Politics, Law and Security; Alex Budiyanto, Chairman of ACCI; and Dr. Arnaldo Marulitua Sinaga, Chancellor of IT Del.

“Cyber security is a supporting factor for innovation, economic growth, and social development. Challenges and opportunities in cyberspace will continue to grow, meaning intensive collaboration and innovation is required from every element involved in it. National cybersecurity collaboration is the main key in building a safe and conducive cyber space. Joint efforts to build and advance the national cybersecurity industry are digitally embodied through Cyberhub.id which was officially launched in January 2021 to bring together the government, industry players, academia and community, in forming a cybersecurity ecosystem in Indonesia. To date, more than 30 webinars and collaborations between government agencies such as BSSN and the Ministry of Industry; industrial companies such as Huawei as well as associations and several digital platforms have been carried out,” said Lt. Gen. TNI (Ret.) Hinsa Siburian, Head of BSSN, in his foreword to open CyberHub Fest 2022.

Previously, BSSN and Huawei had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) covering advanced learning, professional certification, and increasing competence in cybersecurity. "My appreciation to all stakeholders who have pitched in their contributions, and I hope that the synergies that are established will encourage the progress and prosperity of the nation and state," said Hinsa Siburian.

Jacky Chen, CEO of Huawei Indonesia said, “We need to build collective capabilities, combine strengths, from governance, standards, and technology, to verification. As a community, we can also effectively strengthen our cyber security and privacy protection through knowledge sharing of best practices and forming tighter coalitions. Huawei consistently shares its knowledge and best practices such as Huawei Product Security Baselines, OIC-CERT Security Framework, and 5G Cyber Security Knowledge Base developed by GSMA with the community.”

“For all of Huawei’s 22 years in Indonesia thus far, we have always placed security as the main pillar of technological innovations and social activities that we present. Huawei's support to CyberHub Fest for two consecutive years is a tangible form of our commitment to cybersecurity, not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of increasing human resource capacity. Huawei hopes that every stakeholder can work together to support BSSN in strengthening the forefront of cybersecurity."

"In addition to land, sea and air, cyberspace is a new domain in the field of defense and security that is critical to state sovereignty. Collaboration between stakeholders is very necessary to build a strong cyber security fortress in order to be able to face the existing threats. Given that cyber security has become a priority issue for all countries in the world, the support of the global digital ecosystem, represented by Huawei, is very urgent and crucial, in order to increase capacity and adopt global best practices. Therefore, the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Politics, Law and Security welcomes various initiatives including knowledge sharing in the CyberHub Fest 2022 event, as well as all other forms of collaboration that are useful for strengthening Indonesian cyber security," said Air Vice Marshal Arif Mustofa, Deputy VII of the Coordinating Ministry for Politics, Law, and Security.

“As a higher education institution that focuses on technology, IT Del has worked closely with stakeholders including the government and industry players. This collaboration is realized through a tripartite collaboration between BSSN, Huawei, and IT Del to build a cybersecurity hub which is expected to become a center for cybersecurity research and development for all higher education institutions in the country,” Dr. Arnaldo Marulitua Sinaga, Rector of IT Del explained.

"Today, IT Del has the opportunity to collaborate again with BSSN and Huawei through the CyberHub Fest 2022 event. Apart from supporting the transfer of knowledge and technology, IT Del's participation in CyberHub Fest 2022 is expected to prove the readiness of academics as one of the stakeholders to cooperate with other stakeholders in the context of cybersecurity education," he concluded.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sulistyo, Director of Cybersecurity and Crypto Strategy, BSSN, said, "Optimization of the framework in the form of the highest security standards in the field of cyber security which was initiated and agreed upon globally must prioritize national interests where in its implementation the government collaborates with industry players to support the National Cyber Security Strategy. CyberHub Fest 2022 supported by Huawei is very important and useful as a form of collaboration between the Government and the private sector."

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