Without the press, it will be difficult for the government to inform about each of their programs.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian press industry must adapt quickly to rapid developments in technology, including the metaverse phenomenon, head of the Press Council Mohammad Nuh said at the opening of the 2022 National Press Day Convention.

"Technology can be a guide for the press industry in facing current various challenges," he remarked at the convention, which was held in a hybrid format in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi Province, on Monday.

The national convention themed "Building National Sovereignty in the Midst of the Global Digitalization Wave" is a space to discuss new ideas for the advancement of the Indonesian press, he said.

Furthermore, technological changes are the most rapid changes in human history, hence people must be able to adapt as quickly as possible to them, he added.

The Press Council head then urged the press industry to adapt fast to avoid setbacks, which can bring various disadvantages, such as profit stagnation, losses, and bankruptcy.

One of the benefits of adapting to technology has been the development of online media through cyberspace, Nuh said.

"The growth of online media has been extraordinary. Thus, we highly recommend that the press industry move from the physical space to the cyberspace, or at the least, we can use the hybrid method, which is a combination of the two spaces," he remarked.

If the attempt can be implemented, all press industry actors will be able to survive in the midst of rapid technological developments, he added.

He also highlighted the role of the press community in relation to the government.

"Without the press, it will be difficult for the government to inform about each of their programs. The press can spread the information with unlimited reach. Hence, the press industry should be proud and keep being consistent. Through the press, we strive to maintain and advance Indonesia," he added.

The Indonesian National Press Day is commemorated on February 9 every year.

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