In addition to the pandemic, we face two issues, with the first one being the demographic bonus
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's demographic bonus and the 4.0 industrial revolution became manpower challenges in the country, Manpower Ministry's Secretary General Anwar Sanusi stated at the G20 Kick-Off on Education and Culture here on Wednesday.

"In addition to the pandemic, we face two issues, with the first one being the demographic bonus," Sanusi explained.

Currently, the huge demographic bonus in Indonesia contributes to two million new workers annually, either with or without the pandemic, the secretary general highlighted.

With the working-age group chiefly constituting millennials and those from the Gen Z, fresh workers grapple with the 4.0 industrial revolution, as future jobs have a distinct pattern and different way of working than before, Sanusi pointed out.

Concurrently, on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, 29 million workers in Indonesia have become unemployed, or have been laid off, and their work hours have been reduced. It has also affected more than 160 million people in G20 countries, he added.

Sanusi believes these challenges can be overcome if the country capitalizes on its own areas of potential, including through the introduction of information technology development that applies the smart and fun concept, so later it can become a new field of job, such as in villages.

"Indonesia has 74,961 villages and their creativity and economic optimization are still wide open," he pointed out.

According to the secretary general, Indonesia needs to improve the quality of workers to have a better standing when jobs with old patterns are forecast to disappear in future.

"We need to do sustainable job creation in response to the huge manpower," he affirmed.

Sanusi explained that if Indonesia's G20 Presidency can handle both major issues, then the goal of top human resources can be achieved. However, all parties have to work together to address the labor problems.

"Moreover, affirmative (actions are required) for the group of people with disabilities and for human capital development," he concluded.

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