Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Presidential Staff Office (KSP) clarified that the tightening of public activities restrictions (PPKM) was not related to the dates of religious days, but in fact, referred to data and studies on the pandemic situation.

"The indicators used in determining the PPKM level of each region are based on the World Health Organization's (WHO's) experts' recommendations, such as case numbers, testing, tracing, bed occupancy, and vaccines," KSP expert staff Abraham Wirotomo stated here on Thursday.

The KSP also dismissed the rumor that the level of PPKM would definitely be increased nearing the month of Ramadan.

"It is certainly not true if the tightening of PPKM restrictions are linked to religious commemoration days," he added.

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Wirotomo made assurance of the government's sheer transparency about data and evaluations in determining the PPKM levels. Assessment of the COVID-19 situation in each district and city can be checked and verified on the Ministry of Health's official website www.vaksin.kemkes.go.id.

"The data is all there," he noted while also advising the public to not be consumed by unverified information regarding the connection between the PPKM level increase and religious days.

"This is the time for us to unite and work together to tackle the Omicron surge," he affirmed.

Earlier, the Ministry of Home Affairs had extended the PPKM policy with level adjustments as a precautionary measure against the Omicron variant surge.

The Ministerial Instruction No. 9 of 2022, which is effective on February 8-14, 2022, stipulates the PPKM extension in various regions in the Java-Bali Islands.

The extension and increase of the PPKM levels comprised a change in the number of Level 1 regions, from 40 to 30, and Level 2, from 86 to 57 regions.

Meanwhile, the number of regions at Level 3 increased significantly, from two regions to 41 regions.

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