We do not expect the commitments made in the previous G20 presidencies to only become a set of narratives.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia’s 2022 G20 Presidency will invite the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), as the representatives of the small island countries, to participate in various G20 meetings.

"We will invite them since they are considered to be the victims of climate change,” Special Staff of the Foreign Affairs Minister for Strengthening Priority Programs Dian Triansyah Djani said during a webinar, entitled ‘Media Synergy for International Events,’ here on Thursday.

He noted that the ministry expected that the G20 meetings would not only benefit the members of the intergovernmental forum, but also countries not included in the G20.

"Let’s collaborate for the interests of the members and non-members of the G20," he said.

The special staff has said that Indonesia's 2022 G20 Presidency will strive to encourage all parties to strengthen their commitments and initiatives to provide investments, technology transfers, and capacity building for the small and developing countries.

“We do not expect the commitments made in the previous G20 presidencies to only become a set of narratives. They must be realized as concrete actions,” he remarked.

Djani added that Indonesia's 2022 G20 Presidency theme, ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger,’ has three main discussion agendas of global health architecture, digital transformation, and energy transition.

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“To succeed the presidency, we need our mass media to disseminate the information regarding the three agenda to the public,” Djani added.

Earlier, the Communication and Informatics Ministry had also released an electronic handbook, called G20pedia, to strengthen public understanding of the intergovernmental forum.

Indonesia has officially held the 2022 G20 Presidency since December 1, 2021.

During the presidency, the country will host some 184 main events, comprising one summit, 20 ministerial and central bank governors' level meetings, 17 sherpa/deputy level meetings, 56 working group level meetings, and 90 engagement group level meetings.

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