Meranti Islands, Riau (ANTARA) - The water patrol police of Meranti Islands, Riau Province, arrested two illegal loggers found transporting 13 cubic meters of wood using a boat in the waters near Dedap Village, Tasik Putripuyu Sub-district, on Monday night.

They have been identified by their initials as HE (35) and IR (16), a crew member, Meranti Islands Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Andi Yul LTG said in Selatpanjang on Wednesday.

Another man who was with them managed to escape, he said.

The police made the arrest after receiving a tip from local villagers on illegal logging in Dedap Village, he said.

Based on the information, a team led by Second Inspector Abdul Roni and Second Inspector Andi Purba was deployed to patrol the waters near Dedap Village, he added.

At night, the patrol team spotted a boat carrying illegal logs and stopped it. The boat was manned by two crew members, but one of them managed to escape, he informed.

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The illegal logs were about to be transported to Kelemantan Village, Bengkalis District, he said.

"The team immediately chased the boat and successfully approached it. The captain, identified by his initials as I, fled by plunging into the waters and hiding inside the mangrove forest," he added.

Following the interrogation of IR, the police arrested HE, who is the owner of the illegal logs, he said.

He then thanked the community for providing information on illegal logging activities.

"Let's together protect our forest from evil hands," Yul remarked.

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