Jakarta (ANTARA) - The new capital's development plan has been arranged to ensure that it will continue beyond Joko Widodo's (Jokowi's) presidency expiring in 2024, according to the Presidential Staff Office's (KSP's) expert, Wandy Tuturoong.

Law No. 3 of 2022 on the National Capital instructed that the new capital's development be continued by Jokowi's successor, he remarked.

"Law No. 3 of 2022 will ensure the new capital's development continuity, as future presidents are obligated to enforce the law," Tuturoong noted in his statement received in Jakarta on Saturday.

The government is determined to proceed with the capital's relocation that will benefit the country in the long run despite existing and future challenges, he remarked.

"We also aim to improve the nation's future towards an advanced Indonesia in 2045," the KSP expert remarked.

Tuturoong noted that the National Capital Law, as the legal basis, has stipulated various aspects of the new capital development comprising the capital authority, city development, land rights, environment, disaster mitigation, as well as security and defence.

"The regulation has provided a clear basis for development of the new capital that is expected to continue until 2045," the KSP expert noted.

The law has also stipulated the funding scheme and budget management for the capital's development, he added.

"The law provided the basis for the succeeding government to continue the capital relocation and development processes," Tuturoong remarked.

The KSP expert stated that the new capital will be the government's strategy to realize the vision of Indonesia through inclusive and equitable economic growth by expediting development in the eastern part of Indonesia by the country's centenary.

The new capital will also position the country in a more strategic place between the global trade routes and in terms of the investment flows and technological innovations, according to the expert.

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"The new capital will be an example for the development of a sustainable city that is supported by current technologies," Tuturoong stated.

He also highlighted that the present situation had created the right momentum to relocate the capital from Jakarta to East Kalimantan.

"We have the correct momentum now after the government and the parliament sealed an important deal to expedite efforts in reducing development discrepancy between Java Island and regions outside Java. I am not sure whether we will have this kind of momentum again after 2024," Tuturoong stated.

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