KPU RI will proceed (to prepare for) the 2024 general elections (according to the agreed timetable)
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Chairperson of the General Elections Commission (KPU RI) Ilham Saputra confirmed that the commission will open registrations for political parties seeking to participate in the 2024 general elections from August 1–7, 2022.

"(The registration of political parties for the 2024 general elections) will be on August 1 until 7, 2022, according to our electoral schedule," Saputra told journalists after delivering the opening remarks during a public hearing on the draft of the KPU RI regulation on political parties registration at the KPU RI Building here on Monday.

The electoral commission will also notify Commission II of the House of Representatives (DPR RI) to deliberate on the KPU RI draft regulation in stages, the schedule, and program of the 2024 general elections, he informed.

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Saputra highlighted that electoral regulations are essential as a legal basis for devising other electoral regulations, such as on the election budget and the election preparation procedure.

The commission chairperson expressed the hope that the regulation would be discussed in the legislature soon to ensure its prompt finalization.

Prompt finalization of the electoral regulation will allow new KPU RI commissioners to prepare for the election swiftly after taking their office at the electoral commission later this year, he added.

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Saputra also responded to journalists' questions about recent calls by several politicians and public groups to postpone the 2024 general elections.

The chairperson affirmed that as the Constitution and the existing laws require elections to take place once every five years, the electoral commission will refer to prevailing laws in preparing for the general election.

The KPU RI and the legislature have also decided that the 2024 general election will take place on February 14, 2022, he added.

"KPU RI will proceed (to prepare for) the 2024 general elections (according to the agreed timetable)," Saputra remarked.

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