Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP impounded 21 Indonesian fishing vessels and one foreign fishing vessel during a surveillance operations conducted in six Indonesian Fisheries Management Areas (WPPNRI) in mid-March 2022.

"In the operations carried out in the waters of Raja Ampat, Lampung, Peleng Strait, Tolo Bay, Riau Islands, Sulawesi Sea and Java Sea, we seized 21 Indonesian fishing vessels and one foreign fishing vessel," said the Director General of Marine and Fishery Resources Supervision Rear Admiral Adin Nurawaluddin, in a statement here on Sunday.

Nurawaluddin said that the seizure of the vessels underscored the ministry's seriousness in protecting marine and fishery resources from theft and illegal fishing practices.

He explained that in Raja Ampat, surveillance ship (KP) Hiu Macan 04 impounded two Indonesian fishing vessels, KM. Mattajang and KM. Cahaya Selamat 01, for being involved in a transhipment in breach of the existing rules.

Meanwhile, 10 vessels were impounded for operating outside their fishing areas. The vessels were KM. Sumber Ekonomi, KM. Putra Harapan 3, and KM. Garuda Mas, caught in Lampung waters by KP. Hiu 10., KM. Nando caught in Riau Islands Waters by KP. Hiu 17, and KM. Ulam Sari Putra Fajar, KM. Mina Wijaya, KM. Putra Berkah 1, KM. Kafaa Bilkafi, KM. Sederhana, and KM. Campur Sari caught in the waters of Java Sea by KP. Orca 2.

"In addition, KP Hiu 5 tried to catch nine other fishing boats from Indonesia that were not equipped with licensing documents in the waters of the Peleng Strait and Tolo Bay. Meanwhile, KP Hiu 15 caught one foreign fishing boat, FB.LB AARON-11, in the waters of Sulawesi Sea," said Nurawaluddin.

He said the seizure of the vessels was a manifestation of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries' commitment to maintaining the sustainability of marine and fishery resources.

Furthermore, Nurawaluddin said that the ministry would control fishing activities in several waters as part of preparations to guide a measurable fishing program.

He also said the ministry had received many complaints about fishing practices that violate regulations, so that it cracked down on the practices. .

"The message is clear that the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries prioritizes the management of marine and fishery resources. Moreover, this violation is troubling fishermen and the community," he said.

Nurawaluddin said that the seizure of the foreign light boat was an effort to break the chain of illegal fishing in the border areas of Indonesia and the Philippines.

He explained that the light boat played a role in supporting the operation of illegal purse seine vessels in the Sulawesi Sea border area.

"The boat was tasked with collecting fish. So with the capture of this boat we can stop an important cycle of collecting fish," he said.

With the arrest of the 22 vessels, the total number of vessels that have been caught by the ministry is 51, consisting of 5 foreign fishing vessels including four from Malaysia (4) and one from the Philippines and 46 vessels from Indonesia.

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