Jakarta (ANTARA) - House of Representatives Commission III legislator Andi Rio Idris Padjalangi has lauded National Narcotics Board (BNN) head Commissioner General Petrus Golose's plan to strengthen the rehabilitation of drug users through regulatory means.

"The BNN has demonstrated their efforts to provide legal clarity for drug users to undergo prosecution or rehabilitation, yet drug dealers must remain punished with a severe penalty," Padjalangi said in a statement issued here on Wednesday.

The overcrowding issue in Indonesian prisons can be attributed to their being packed with drug inmates, he added.

"The prison overcapacity issue will never be resolved if petty drug users continue to be imprisoned. They can instead be required to undergo rehabilitation," he said.

Petty drug users must be given an opportunity to repent and free themselves of drug abuse, and the government must support their intention, he added.

"A lot of petty drug users are using drugs due to influences of their friendship circle. We hope our future generation can shield themselves by being selective with their social circle," Padjalangi remarked.

The deputy chair of the House' Ethics Committee also urged public security officers, religious figures, and the general public to intensify their efforts for highlighting the negative effects and dangers of drug abuse.

The measures are essential to rescue the nation's future generation from the threat of drug abuse that has become increasingly rampant, particularly with new drug variants being produced and offered by criminals, he added.

"Promoting the dangers of drug abuse is essential to ensure our environment will remain safe and protected from the drugs. Our negligence will harm our families," Padjalangi cautioned.

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