"As part of the efforts to optimize the performance of the sharia financial industry and sharia insurance industry and their continuation, several key factors must be met."
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin put the spotlight on four key factors to optimize the sharia financial industry and sharia insurance industry and ensure their continuation in the country.

"As part of the efforts to optimize performance of the sharia financial industry and sharia insurance industry and their continuation, several key factors must be met," the vice president noted while addressing the launch of PT Prudential Sharia Life Assurance (Prudential Syariah) through video conferencing in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The first key factor is the quality of human resources as one of the keys to advancing the sharia insurance sector and sharia financial industry, in general, he stated.

It is undeniable that Indonesia still reels from a shortage of human resources, with sound knowledge of sharia principles in the economic and financial sectors, Amin pointed out.

Human resources, with expertise in the sharia field, can advance the sharia industry through the creation of innovative products and the expansion of new market share, among others, according to the vice president.

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The second factor is maintaining the sharia value in running businesses in order to uphold confidence and increase public trust in the excellence of sharia financial products as compared to conventional products.

"We are grateful that sharia financial products have attracted consumers, irrespective of their religion and faith. However, we have not been satisfied yet since public awareness about the advantage of sharia financial products at the global scale is still low. We still have many opportunities to boost this sector's growth," he affirmed.

The third factor is utilizing productive investment instruments. This factor needs foresight to look at other potentials for sharia industries, he noted.

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The fourth factor is capitalizing on digital technology to ensure fast, easy, and cheap sharia financial and insurance services as well as to attract millennials and the Generation Z.

"Moreover, in future, insurance customers, either individual or business, will have high expectations of personal services that are easily adjusted to needs," he stated.

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