I noticed that ministers have failed to provide information about the price hike
Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) urged ministers and heads of government institutions to conceive correct policies, act promptly, and provide sympathetic statements for the people to respond to concerns over issues regarding availability of basic needs.

"(I urge officials) to conceive correct policies, to exhibit prompt measures and leadership, and provide sympathetic statements to the people," Jokowi stated during the cabinet meeting at the Presidential Palace here on Tuesday as broadcast by the Presidential Secretariat YouTube channel on Wednesday.

The president noted that global economic fluctuations had affected inflation and the availability of some basic items, including cooking oil and vehicle fuels, in some countries, including Indonesia.

Jokowi called on cabinet ministers to always present and provide solutions to address issues that burden the people, including handling the effects of the recent decision to increase the Pertamax (RON 92) vehicle fuel price last Friday (Apr 1).

"I noticed that ministers have failed to provide information about the price hike. Tell the people the reason for our decision to increase the Pertamax fuel price, show a little empathy towards them," Jokowi remarked.

The president also drew attention to the failure of his ministers to provide information regarding the cooking oil scarcity despite the issue occurring for four months.

"There is no statement, no communication. The cooking oil price (issue has occurred) for four months, but no statement is issued (on this issue), how can this happen?" he questioned.

Jokowi then called on the cabinet ministers to promptly conceive correct policies to address issues pertaining to basic needs' availability and price fluctuations, particularly during the Ramadan fasting and Eid al-Fitr periods when a hike is projected in the demand for basic needs.

"We must not only address issues related to cooking oil but also monitor how is the condition of rice, soybean, and wheat. If we fail to work thoroughly and we remain silent, then be careful since the people may view us as doing nothing," the president cautioned.

Jokowi also urged cabinet ministers to deliver statements on those issues in a clear and sympathetic manner, as government officials must have a sense of crisis in delivering statements to the public.

"The statement must have a sense of crisis, (the statement) must be sensitive to the people's difficulties. Do not let the people perceive us as doing nothing," Jokowi emphasized.

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