We have readied 1,330 personnel to support the Jakarta Metro Jaya Regional Police
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Kodam Jaya Regional Military Command of Jakarta deployed around 1,330 personnel to assist the police in guarding a major rally of Indonesian university students here on Monday.

"We have readied 1,330 personnel to support the Jakarta Metro Jaya Regional Police," Commander of Kodam Jaya Major General Untung Budiharto stated at Monas area, Jakarta, Monday.

The two-star military general affirmed that his side had ensured that no personnel carried firearms.

In conducting their duties, the military personnel were urged to be persuasive in their approach toward protesters.

"I hope the protesters will conduct the demonstration as orderly as possible and avoid anarchy. We along with the Metro Jaya Police will ensure that the protesters' aspirations can be conveyed properly," he stated.

Meanwhile, the Metro Jaya Police deployed 5,626 joint personnel including from the National Police Headquarters to guard the Monas area and its surroundings.

Some 1,200 joint military and police personnel were also deployed to guard the Parliament Building in Senayan area.

Jakarta's Metro Jaya Regional Police Chief Inspector General Fadil Imran led a roll call of personnel tasked with guarding the rally earlier.

The two-star police general urged the personnel to act humanely and persuasively in conducting their duty.

Thousands of university students planned major rallies in Jakarta and several other cities across Indonesia on Monday to protest against a discourse on presidential term extension and convey several demands including urging the government to stabilize basic food prices that have been soaring lately.

Several political elites recently voiced their keeness to extend President Joko Widodo's tenure to the third term, which is against the Constitution that stipulates the maximal presidential tenure is only two terms.

Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo recently reminded that all should abide by the Constitution and said the process of the 2024 General Elections was going on as schedule.

The largest student rally this year was coordinated by the Executive Board of University Students across Indonesia (BEM SI).

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