Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Agriculture seeks to increase domestic food production through various strategies, such as by encouraging the development of food estate areas or food barns and providing superior seeds.

"To anticipate the 2022 dry season and national religious holidays at the end of 2022, we aim to maintain food production properly. The ministry will implement programs and activities conducted by the Director General of Food Crops, such as increasing the production of rice, corn, soybeans, and other local food," Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo stated during a hearing meeting with Commission IV of the House of Representatives in Jakarta, Monday.

The increase in food production includes support for large food estate projects and farmer corporations in 2022, he stated.

In addition, the management of provision of food plant seeds will also be conducted along with securing production through pest control and handling drought or flooding.

The ministry also conducts downstream processing, food processing with the help of post-harvest agricultural equipment, and strengthening exports through quality testing and product certification.

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To increase the production of livestock products, the ministry will provide qualified seeds, increase the production of animal feed, and improve the quality and safety of feed. Domestic livestock production is also pursued by controlling and overcoming animal diseases.

In the plantation sub-sector, the minister provides logistical support for superior seeds through the development of seed gardens, seed quality, and the provision of national superior seeds, Limpo informed.

The Agriculture Ministry also develops corporate-based national superior plantation areas for coffee, cocoa, coconut, sugar cane, and other commodities.

"In 2022, the ministry has supporting activities in the form of providing facilities and infrastructure and agricultural financing as well as conducting development of food diversification, making efforts to strengthen research and innovation in agricultural technology, increasing agricultural human resources, augmenting the role of quarantine, and strengthening supervisory management," Limpo concluded.

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