We can quote the first precept that mentions the One Godhead
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Muslim scholar Dr Sukidi affirmed that the values contained in Pancasila also reflect the values in Islamic teachings.

"We can quote the first precept that mentions the One Godhead. It clearly illustrates the value of monotheism of Islam itself. Likewise with the other precepts," Sukidi noted while speaking during the Ramadhan Inspiration series titled "Being a Muslim in the Middle of Disruption" posted on the YouTube account of BKN PDI Perjuangan.

Sukidi remarked that Muslims in Indonesia, which constitute majority of the Indonesian population, should be able to embrace and protect other people, so as to create harmony in the life of the nation and state.

He also reminded the public to uphold the values of Pancasila when differences of opinion arise, so that the Indonesian nation is not divided just because of ideological differences, and Islam and Pancasila have several similarities amid the diversity of society, he remarked.

"Islam tends to be a tolerant religion and has a spirit of tolerance that encourages its people to become good people and good citizens. We must not misinterpret religious teachings, so that we become intolerant people, or those who do not support progress," he affirmed.

Muslims must also be inclusive and open to modernism, so they can keep up with changes, he stressed.

"Indonesian Muslims must be open minded and able to keep up with changes, especially the development of science. We must be good Muslims in the midst of technological progress, especially in the era of disruption due to the pandemic. We must think globally but act local," he explained.

Sukidi affirmed that the progress of a nation can be supported by the religion and traditions of its people. Hence, Indonesian Muslims must develop a sense of tolerance to one and all since this nation has diverse ethnicities, religions, races, and customs.

"Since the start, Bung Karno, our founding father, has always prioritized Islam as a rational religion, a religion that puts (emphasis on) common sense. Thus, when we face a pandemic like this, we must not become anti-scientific. We must be ready in this era of disruption, so that we can collaborate and work together for the progress of the nation and people," he emphasized.

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