Respectful Workplace is a safe work environment to respect and protect human dignity
Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-Owned Enterprise (SOEs) holding ID Food and PT Indonesia Trading Company (PPI) support the Respectful Workplace Policy in the SOEs work environment.

"Respectful Workplace is a safe work environment to respect and protect human dignity," Human Resources Director of ID Food Endang Suraningsih noted in a written statement on Saturday.

In addition, Respectful Workplace promotes mutual respect, freedom from discrimination, exclusion or restriction, bullying and harassment, as well as various other forms of violence, both mental and physical, in order to create an inclusive, conducive, and productive work environment to encourage company sustainability and uphold high human rights.

Suraningsih lauded efforts from ID Food subsidiaries, such as PT PPI, PT Garam, PT Sang Hyang Seri, Perindo, PT Berdikari, and PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia, which have always supported protection and realized zero discrimination and violence against women and employees in general.

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"ID Food Group will soon launch the Respectful Workplace handbook as an implementation of the launch of the Respectful Workplace Policy in SOEs," she noted.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT PPI Nina Sulistyowati remarked that accelerating efforts to create a safe work environment for women had become one of the priority issues discussed in the G20 alongside the topics of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including gender equality.

Sulistyowati noted that the modern Kartini in ID Food SOEs was a woman, with natural-born leadership skills, where competence as a leader can be continuously honed through effective communication skills, team skills, managerial skills, character, and personality as well as a strong identity, with digital literacy abilities.

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Earlier, SOEs Minister Erick Thohir had launched the implementation of the Respectful Workplace Policy on April 21, 2022.

This policy is based on Law Number 13 of 2003 on Manpower and Circular Letter of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Number SE-3/MBU/04/2022 on Policies for Respectful Workplace Behavior in State-Owned Enterprises.

The Respectful Workplace Policy is expected to serve as basis for policies for all SOEs to create a work environment that is safe, respectful, free from discrimination, exclusion, harassment, bullying, and various other forms of violence.

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