Jakarta (ANTARA) - Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi apologized to the people if the management of the Eid exodus and its return flow was viewed as being less than expected despite the public considering its implementation as having gone well.

Sumadi, in a statement here on Monday, spoke of having received varied responses regarding the management of this year's Eid exodus, and most of them were that its execution was good.

He pointed out that this year, the Eid exodus was different as compared to the previous years since the people were unable to partake in it for some two years due to the pandemic.

In a result of a survey, as many as 85.5 million people expressed their high level of excitement and interest in going on the Eid exodus.

He stated that this immense interest served as a challenge for stakeholders over and above it being good news.

Several surveys, simulations, and discussions were conducted systematically in order to formulate recommendations that would be enacted by those in charge.

Sumadi remarked that the ones doing massive amount of work were the police force on land routes, ferry transport routes, air routes, railways, and sea routes.

The transportation minister stated that this year, the Eid exodus lead to rampant travel, so the provided service ended up not being quite optimal.

Sumadi stated that his administration will evaluate and learn from their performance in order to offer better service in future.

The transportation minister expected that this year's Eid exodus would initiate the start of economic recovery as well as the endemic period.

Sumadi has always reminded people to follow health protocols with discipline in order to prevent an increase in transmission cases after the Eid exodus period.

The minister commended the collaboration among ministries, national police, transportation facilities and infrastructure operators, as well as other stakeholders.

He also expressed gratitude to the mass media for the support in helping to disseminate information to the public, so that the policy could be implemented and followed optimally.

Sumadi also lauded travelers that adhered to the government's various appeals.

The minister also commended the ministries, regional governments, state-owned enterprises, and private companies that had provided a free transportation program in a bid to reduce the rate of use of vehicles and traffic accidents.

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Translator: Aditya Ramadhan, Mecca Yumna
Editor: Sri Haryati
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